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Bear with Us! September 28, 2014

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We’ve been away for a while…and we’ve missed you!

Sorry for the delay!


DLIH is taking a little break to restructure and as soon as it’s all set, posts will be back and better than ever!

Bear with us (grr!)

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Thank you for all your support!

Check back with us soon!

Things Your Little Sister Won’t Understand August 23, 2014

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The GoodGuys File

When I was about twenty, I would run into a lot of jaded women who had nothing nice to say about men or relationships. “Oh, all that romantic stuff, that’ll end”, or “Ha!, you can never trust a man!” It always bothered me, I felt like, as someone who was younger, you would want to encourage me and teach me and allow me to grow, not just shoot me down and tell me to lower my expectations of relationships. I also didn’t believe what they told me, sure not every relationship is perfect, and sure some people have had bad experiences, but what about those couples celebrating their 40th year wedding anniversary, or that family with three under three and they are still so in love – it doesn’t have to turn bad and boring. However, now that I am the same age as those women, I also laugh at my former self. There is a very distinct line between thinking the world will be a perfect beautiful place, and then the truth of being in a relationship. I recently stumbled upon this gem – “24 Real Facts of Actual Couples…” I sat down and read it with some of my gal pals, also in relationships, and not only did we have a good, solid laugh, but we also almost threw up all over the place. This article was put together by someone who A. probably isn’t in a longterm real relationship or B. Doesn’t know what one is. So, we decided to combat this article and give you the actual REAL version of these 24 REAL couples. (more…)

The Pressure of Finding a Role Model August 18, 2014

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“I want you to write a one page essay on the person in your life who inspires you.” If you haven’t heard that at least five times, then you surely didn’t go to school in America. Ever since we were children, we were groomed to, essentially, find someone to look up to. We’ve constantly been asked about who we look up to, who lights the fire under us, who we want to be like. Then, there’s me.

When I was a toddler I had two things on my mind, what to do and how to do it. There was no bad influence from the TV, there were no crazy ideas that I developed after watching someone else, everything I did, I did of my own volition. You could say, I was a super determined kid, and really self motivating. It would also be safe to say I never wanted to do things like everyone else did them, I wanted to find my own, unique way to go about it. So, when my very first English teacher asked me to talk about someone who inspired me, I didn’t really know what to say.

Everyone has people they admire for certain parts of their personality. You could say you are inspired by a person’s strength, courage, kindness, outgoing personality, a person’s ability to be fearless, and so on. You can also be moved by someone’s story, or feel driven by their accomplishments. To say that there is a person I owe my entire lifestyle to, well, that person would be me.

IMG_0102.JPGI know that sounds selfish, but it doesn’t come from a selfish place. I don’t have just one person to thank for where I am, but an entire list; there was not simply one person who inspired my career, and my dreams, there was an entire team; two people fed me, clothed me, and raised me with moral integrity and manners, but as a family, we learned together from our friends, our culture, and those close to us. I can’t say there is one person I look to for a map to my future, I want to write my own. Even now, in my twenties, people expect me to raise my children like someone else did, to live in a home that someone I admire has, to have the kind of job that my idol would; they keep asking, wondering who I’m modeling my life after. Why do they keep asking us to pick someone else to be like?

I like to think of my life, as a new building, I’m the architect, ever year you lay a new brick to build a room, and then the next room, and the next, and then you’ve built a floor, and you’re onto the next floor and so on. So, to me, I’m not modeling my life after anything but the blueprint in my head. The best part about this, is that my blueprint can change, I can erase lines, and build new walls, and change layouts without fear, because I’m not veering away from something that’s already been built for me.

If someone told me to paint a flower “like this”, I’d ask why. Why is there one way to do something? If you do it a different way, you’re a thinker, a creator, a visionary, and then suddenly everyone starts following you, and your footsteps instead if creating their own vision. If a little girl ever said to me “you’re my role model”, I’d say to her, “be your own role model, make mistakes and learn from them, try new things to find what you enjoy, and when you pick a path, build your road on your own terms, not on what you think I would do, or say, or feel. Take what you love about me, and apply it to who you want to be; take a little something from all the great people in life you meet, and become your own great kind of person.” When I look back on my life, I want to see a unique rainbow, the pattern may look similar to others, but the colors will be all my own.

How Reality TV Made Me a Happy Person August 13, 2014

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For the majority of my life : 20+years, I’ve been a very negative person. It’s true, and for 19+ of those years, I was either unaware of it or didn’t want to see it. I talked a lot of being positive, and wanted to surround myself with happy people, but I, myself, couldn’t get past a wall of negativity that had been built since I was a kid. Negativity comes from a place of fear, or insecurity, or a non-willingness to just be open to the world. It’s also attributed to a level of stubbornness, and selfishness; it’s an energy-sucking, effort to actually make everything in your life glass-half-empty without even knowing you’re doing it. It’s like running the air conditioner with all the windows wide open.

Prior to a couple of months ago, I disagreed with everyone – if it wasn’t the way I lived my life, if it wasn’t something I believed in, if it wasn’t something I thought was appropriate, then it was wrong. I was a walking contradiction of what I told other people to not do. I’d see a show about, say, polygamy, and say “That’s horrible! I could never agree with that”, or be indulging in my guilty pleasure, Teen Mom, and think to myself “how stupid can these girls be?!”, and this was the mentality I carried through life. If I didn’t like what someone was wearing, I’d silently think to myself “Ew, are you serious?”, or if someone I worked with invited me to a keg-stand party, I’d judge them twenty-five ways to Monday. Then, about three months ago, everything changed.

reality-tvSometimes your life needs to implode on you before it can expand. It was like a balloon that was too full of air exploding,everywhere, into a million little pieces. Having this breakdown, everything I had been holding in for years came flooding out, and all these realizations about myself came flooding in. It was like a cereal bowl of anger, resentment, honesty, admittance, self-depreciation. What this did was release everything that had been holding me back, for years I told people “I’m super sarcastic…if you can’t have a sarcastic conversation with me, we can’t be friends.” but I wasn’t sarcastic, I was nasty; plain and simple. You can be funny, without being mean. It was amazing, because suddenly nothing bothered me, nothing. I had this mind as open as a field, for miles.

So, how does reality TV fall into all of this? Well, many people out there may believe that reality TV is a form of exploitation, or invasion of privacy, and maybe I agree with that to an extent. I wouldn’t call myself a fan, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying I don’t watch the stuff. What I learned was that people are people, at face value, and when you judge someone the only person you are hurting is yourself, and you’re contributing to this ugly part of society, a part I don’t want to be a member of. I think if I met a teen mom, or a rich housewife, or a man who has three wives, or a little person, or a home chef tomorrow, I would take them as a person, for who they are, and I would appreciate that their life is unique to mine, that it is different. I wouldn’t judge them for who they are or who they are not or what they believe in. What someone does, in their private time, on-screen or off, is not a reflection of how someone expects you to live your life. I think there are a lot of people out there who are kind, caring, wonderful people, but they are judged and we miss out on knowing a great person. When you look at the news these days, all you hear about is judgement – countries feuding, politicians fighting, organizations blasting other organizations, I don’t want to be part of this side of our world, nor do I want my future children to feel that is acceptable. I think reality TV taught me that it is not only okay to be different, but it’s okay to speak out, and it’s okay to be friends with someone who’s actions or beliefs you don’t agree with 100%. Maybe my nation doesn’t like your nation, but I’m a nice person, and you’re a nice person, and I think the more of us out there who believe this, the stronger we will be.

Ever since my negative bubble burst, I have felt so much happier, volumes happier. I didn’t even know I wasn’t happy! I feel lighter, I feel like I’m a nicer person, I feel like I am more open to new experiences and seeing different things, that I may have previously dismissed. I feel calmer. I feel like I can allow myself more things because I am more at ease with my life; maybe I’ll have a third glass of wine, or maybe I’ll spend an extra 30min stretching at the gym because it’s relaxing; and when bad things happen I realize that six months ago I would have probably thrown something at someone, and now, I can move on much easier. I think realizing there is an entire world out there (with the understanding that “knowing” and “realizing” are two different things), makes me want to be more open, because I don’t want to miss out on any of the good parts of life.

Older people almost always tell you the same thing – I wish I had spent more time just enjoying my life, and not sweating the small stuff. I don’t want to start doing that when I’m 60, I’d like to live that lifestyle now. I know that means I might not make as much money, or have as nice of a car, or do every single thing I have aimed to do, but if it means I can be happier, with a higher quality of life, then what’s the negative in that?

Things New Yorkers Dream Of August 9, 2014

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You may have noticed it’s been a little while since anything new has surfaced at DLIH; if you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll also remember that almost this time last year DLIH made it’s long and exciting move from the bustling city of New York to Chicago. When you get older, your desires for how you want to exist change, you make choices about where you want to live and how you want to structure your life. Your age changes, and so does your quality of life. Chicago was a quality of life move, and while New York is still the most bad-ass, capital of the entire universe, moving can give the opportunities that are sometimes impossible elsewhere. So, if you’re wondering why DLIH has been a little more silent than usual…well, you could say that SK has been spending a little bit of time enjoying the things she always dreamed of.
Running through your apartment…and not hitting any walls. Moving is relentless, it always finds a way to go wrong, or take forever, or cost you your soul. Living in New York, there are generally three main things you need to take into account; distance to public transportation, rent, and how shady the neighborhood might be. Size, really isn’t an objective since size and rent are proportionate to one another. You get what you get, and you don’t get upset, and you hang lots of shelves and make lots of storage units to house all the things you just don’t have room for. Until you get a place that lets you chase your cat all over the place without hitting a wall, or tripping over a shoe, and has a kitchen you can actually cook Thanksgiving in, and not just try to.

Trying to figure out what to do with you empty closest, and by closets, we don’t mean spare bedrooms. Actual closets. That are empty. And you actually don’t have stuff to put in them. And you wonder what you would possibly even buy to put in them. Staying with that theme – kitchen cupboards that needs more of the “cup” part and less of the “board”.

Doing your own laundry, in your own washer and dryer, in your own apartment, and it’s free. You don’t need to climb flights of stairs, you don’t need to run back to make sure no one steals your unmentionables, you don’t need to go to the nearest convenience store to get change for a dollar and you don’t need to lug it all back home. It’s just there! You can wash one thing, you can wash fifty!

grocery530Driving in a car you own! For people who are not from New York, let me educate you, many teenagers who are raised in Manhattan don’t learn to drive, and those who do, rarely actually exercise that talent. You don’t need to because public transit will get you anywhere, and with the traffic and aggressiveness of driving, you don’t really want to. Second point, owning a car in the city is dirty expensive – between parking, the nicks and dings, and I would assume city taxes alone, it’s not at all profitable – plus gas, not just paying for it, but having to find it. Let me tell you – the first time you drive your own car, to the grocery store, and get everything you need, and put it in the trunk, and then simply carry it back to your fridge, your head will explode with joy. [insert head exploding sound here]

So, it’s been an amazing couple of weeks outside of the DLIH world, but fear not loyal readers – we’re still here, with just a little more space to work with :)


Food That Matters July 29, 2014

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“No rules, just right”. If that sounds familiar, then you have, at some point in your life, witnessed an Outback Steakhouse commercial. It’s a weird way to start, but the slogan seemed like an appropriate tagline for what’s about to surface in the text below. Ever feel like you can’t catch-up with your healthy eating habits? We all have the same story – We buy a bunch of awesome, green food, print out ten healthy eating recipes, and for a week or two we are on the right track; drinking lots of water and eating lots of kale. Then, slowly, one thing gets in the way, and then a second, and then we’re eating a Quesarito at our desk with a heaping side of Pepsi. Whoops. Sometimes, it’s the rules themselves that get in the way, so much pressure to make the right choices, so, how about no rules, just quick easy tips to get it right – No rules, just right.

Snooze Button Breakfast

83-comp-3507876-chia-pod-vanilla-bean_0Woke up late, again? Maybe not late…but just in the nick of time? And, somehow your speed routine doesn’t involve breakfast? How did I know! Breakfast is easy, it’s super easy, which is why we should always make time for it. Below is a list of things that don’t even need cooking and can be eaten on the go (not the we recommend that!) – Greek yogurt, especially the duos with fruit or honey!; Cereal in those little pre-made plastic bowls, just add milk; toast with butter and jam; a granola bar with a cup of fruit; a parfait, if you have one pre-made (or have time to make your own); Chia pudding, you can get them prepackaged at Whole Foods, spoon included! If you’ve got a little bit of time on your hands – make an egg white sandwich with cheese and avocado or an omelette or even your version of a bacon, egg and cheese with turkey bacon or a black bean patty and egg whites on a whole wheat english muffin –Mmm! Hungry yet?! Coffee and OJ are good for you, but remember to take a big swig of water! – common, it only take two seconds!

Office Luncheon

For most of us, lunch is painful defeat. Even if there are healthy food options in the area, they usually cost you. Most salad places (ones that make an actual salad, not that prepackaged garbage) range between $6-$10 a salad, once you add a drink and some fruit, that’s a $15 lunch right there! Stock up. If your office has a kitchen that you have full access to, go shopping for work; keep some fruit; bread, meats and cheeses for sandwiches;some easy veg to eat, like carrots or sliced zucchini on hand. Some organic frozen meals are great to – Amy’s is a great brand and Trader Joes has frozen meals that aren’t full of yuck. Keep trail mix and a box of granola bars at your desk, too. It will prevent you from overspending and allow you to eat healthy on the job. Don’t forget to take a walk! If you’re eating indoors, allow yourself 15-20 minutes to get out into the fresh air and stretch those legs.

On The Road Grub

Let’s just say gas stations aren’t known for their healthy food options. Traveling is one of the hardest times to stay healthy, but DLIH has mastered it. A healthy-unhealthy option is better than an unhealthy option altogether. What this means is that a salad and some chicken nuggets from McDonalds or Wendys is healthier than a burger and fries. Is it the best, healthiest, most preservative free salad out there? – no, but it’s still the better option. Rather than trying to find healthy food, find the healthiest option available. If you’re in areas with chain places like Olive Garden, Outback, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, AppleBees, and don’t mind spending a little, those places have lots of options. Secondary to that, Pancheros, Bob Evans, California Pizza Kitchen, Zaxby’s, Chilis, Panera and other similar places are more cost-effective. If you’re staying in a place with a fridge, stop at a grocery store or Whole Foods and get fruit and veg in those pre-packaged containers, some granola bars, and maybe juice or V8 since fruits and vegetables are the hardest things to find when traveling. Apples are easy, because they can go on trains, planes and automobiles and can be non-refrigerated for long periods of time. YAH!

Lazy Dinner Time

Cooking takes effort. Let’s face it. So, sometimes that pizza slice from the corner and a bag of chips from yesterday ends up being a meal. Whoops, again (we’re building an entire Britney Spears song here!). Here, I learned the art of the frozen arsenal. When food shopping get some frozen, organic, bags of green beans, broccoli, and some mixes. You can easily steam these in just a couple minutes and you have an easy healthy side, or even a main meal if you’re not starving. Brands like Pacific make incredibly tasty soups in a box, which you simply heat up and go! Again, natural and organic, made with the good stuff. Tyson has an entire series of all-white meat chicken in nuggets, cutlets, wings, breasts, already breaded and ready to eat; easy to heat up and throw in your favorite barbecue or hot sauce for some homemade wings and a side of vegetables.

Late Night Snack Attack

Hey, it happens, so here’s what you can chew on, as long as it’s in small quantities – carrots, cottage cheese, a small greek yogurt, granola bars, chia pudding, a stick of string cheese, kale chips, blackberries or blueberries, half of an apple, or other similar, healthy munchies.


Happy eating!

We Want the Fairytale July 23, 2014

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The GoodGuys File

Ross and Rachel. The Notebook. Marshall and Lily. Carrie and Big. Moulin Rouge. Cory and Topanga. Jim and Pam. Titanic. Romeo and Juliet. We idolize them, these fairytales, these couples that make our realities seem feasible and attainable. It’s not that we put a sheath over our eyes and pretend that all is perfect, and all will be perfect, but at the end of the day, it’s what every girl wants.

When you first start to like someone, or date someone, there are all these butterflies and exciting feelings running through your bloodstream. Every date is a new adventure, every night your head hits the pillow, so does your smile. It’s a very joyous time, and it fills us with hope and some blind ideas of what our life could be like in a couple of years; white picket fences and all that jazz. After that, one of two things happens, it turns sour and you break-up, or it turns out great and you stay together. After a some months, excitement turns more into pride, like you are so proud to say you’ve been in this relationship for a long time and you want to show your significant other off like a trophy. Having them pick you up from work, meet you for lunch, or attend your bosses dinner is like a badge of honor. If you’ve been dating a year or two, everything is more like routine, not to say you don’t love one another, not to go as far as saying your life is boring, but let’s face it, if you left your pump on a staircase your boyfriend would probably just yell out “Hey, moron, you did it again!…Come get your shoe, silly!”

Cinderella and Prince smaller correctIt sounds crazy, because we bury it deep inside, but girls, we want a fairytale. We know that things will become routine, we know that life won’t be perfect, and the only time it’s even acceptable to wear a tiara is maybe on your wedding (…and even then, questionable), but we want the moments that we can tell our future children about. That time that he surprised you with dinner at your favorite restaurant when you thought you were just going to a friend’s place for drinks; that necklace he got you for christmas, the one you had been dropping hints about for months; that day she came home with flowers, just because. Not every girl, not every women, but for the most part, we want cheesiness. For many of us, it’s hard to admit, it’s like some kind of anti-feminist defeat – “Ew, proposals on the end of a dock surrounded by lilies, so lame” but inside, even if it’s very far inside, we’re more like “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, THAT’S SO PRETTY! SO SWEET! I WANT! AHHHH”. Let’s stop kidding ourselves here. We like it when men write us poems, even though they are really, really bad. We like it when our girlfriend or boyfriend make us a picture book of all our best memories, even though everyone does it.

No one wants to meet someone, have all those giddy feelings, and then just decide “Yup, he’s the one. So now my life can go back to being dull and lifeless.” Of course not! Romance is something everyone craves, romantic comedies are dumb, but we watch them – over, and over, and over, and over. Find that little girl, watching Cinderella all wide-eyed, and never let her go…and most of all, find a partner that loves that little girl too. Dreams can come true, sometimes it just takes a little nudging in the right direction.

The Treasure Hunt for Good Friends July 14, 2014

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Confession time: I’ve always had a hard time finding friends. I don’t really mean people to hang out with, or people to talk to, I’m not talking lonely kid at the lunch table syndrome, I mean real friends. I also used to think that I was the only one with this problem. It would be a friday night and no matter who I texted to get drinks with, they were all occupied with parties, movies, outings, everything that didn’t include me. It always seemed that I had a million great people around me, but when I needed them most, they were nowhere to be found. Now that I’m a little older, and a little wiser (hm…debatable), I know that other people feel this too, this hole in their life that can’t ever seem to be filled.

Three-StoogesYou ever look at those girls with, like, twelve best girlfriends, and you’re like “How?!”. Even when you think you’re on the right track, you’re not. You think you’re so close to people, you laugh together, you cry together, and then six months later you can barely get them to answer a text, or their response to your five paragraph email is a two liner about how they were “So happy to hear from you”. The people at work will spend an extended lunch hour with you, tell you about their problems and their triumphs in their personal life, but when you ask them to hangout on the weekend, it seems like they’re always busy. Then, there are those friends who are great, and do hang out with you, and tell you that they’re glad you guys are closer now, until the first day they stand you up. Then, it’s like a parade of canceling on you – coffee, drinks, dinner, meeting you at the gym, lunch; it’s one thing after another and frankly, you’re tired of all of it. I know now that it isn’t just me, that people out there are giant flakes who don’t understand how they make other people feel when they simply can’t keep a coffee date.

It makes it hard to want to make friends. You have your core group of two or five people who are always there for you, but everyone else just falls to the wayside. All you want is someone to go to the new chick-flick with, but everyone already has a girlfriend who they’ve committed to going with. What are you supposed to say? “No! You should go with me!”, of course not, you tell them you totally get it, and maybe next time it’ll work out. People don’t necessarily do it on purpose, it’s not about not wanting to hang out with you, it’s about being in a different circle that you just don’t happen to be a part of, so you can’t even be mad at them. Why keep trying when you keep getting dumped on? Why keep putting yourself in that position?

Know that what people appear to have on the outside, may not be what is actually going on. That girl with a million friends, maybe she’s just trying to make it work, and really, she’s not happy. That guy with the best buds in the world, maybe he’s just trying to hold on to college, when all his friends are getting married and having kids. Things aren’t always what they appear so don’t judge yourself compared to others. Some people have had the same friends since kindergarten, some will meet their besties in college, and for you, for you maybe your solid friends are coming later in life. Don’t put so much pressure on it and when you are lonely on that Saturday afternoon; find things that you enjoy and schedule your life for you, and your happiness. Step one is always loving yourself first, so love yourself and the life long friends will come.


Follow Your Dreams…No Matter When July 9, 2014

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I remember when a guy I was sort-of dating first introduced me as “she used to be a dancer”. It’s a good thing he didn’t see my face, because I think it was a mix of shock and complete anger. Yes, this is no longer my career. Yes, I now have expanded my resume. Yes, it’s not what my business cards say. But I, in every way, shape and form am still a dancer! It’s a part of my being, my personality, who I am and how I think. Still, I had to face the reality, it was hard to call me that, when I wasn’t spending 10am-8pm in a dance studio anymore.

Remember when you were seven years old and asked what you wanted to be when you grew up? One week it was a veterinarian, the next it was a fireman, then a gymnast who would go out he Olympics and also a mommy or a daddy, or a horse farmer, or a purple rainbow catcher, or a pineapple trader. Well, your dreams in your twenties are just like that, but more along the lines of wanting to make good money, have a great apartment, like your job, have a comforting relationship, make awesome friends, have a stellar career, and so forth. The enchilada, the whole damn enchilada. Then, once you start getting all these things, something really unexpected happens, and you realize how unhappy you are. At twenty-three nothing seems grander than a fancy apartment with your significant other and a dog, but sometimes what we do to get those things means giving up something else. Sometimes, the things we give up are the most important.

turned-cants-into-cans-dreams-into-plansIf you’re lucky enough your career and passion are one in the same, but for many of us, that’s not that case and we have to make the time and effort to follow our dreams. I always thought that going back to dancing seemed futile later in life. After getting a degree, building a professional name for myself, creating a relationship and making money. It felt like it would only be a hobby and not a focus, but slowly, I began to feel dull, lifeless, like I was missing a huge part of myself. I felt like someone had grabbed my very arm off my body and run away with it. I realized that I had been working so hard at life, I had forgotten what was truly important, being happy. There are going to be a lot of years in your life you can’t be truly happy and truly successful, and sacrifice is important, but once you are on the right trajectory, and you are starting to achieve normalcy again, it’s important to feel like you again. If you were always a marathon runner, pick a 5K to train for; if you used to teach acting too little kids, volunteer at a day camp for a couple of weeks. Getting back into the swing can be hard, overwhelming, and time-consuming; it can actually be scary, when you aren’t sure of the outcome or even know if you’re still capable of doing whatever it is you do, but once you put on that dance shoe, or take that photograph, or cook that first desert, it’s like you feel like you’re home.

The career of a dancer starts at about seventeen, and by twenty-seven you’re already considered old. Had I known at seventeen what I know now, perhaps I would have made some different choices, but you can’t regret the mistakes or decisions you made because they lead you to where you are today. You would not be going back to what you love, had you never left it. For many, discovering what they love happens in their twenties, a simple art class or team building retreat can open up new worlds for people. Now is the time, before kids, before mortgages, before there’s another college to pay for, to get into a habit of following your dreams too. Be realistic, you’re never going to be an NBA player, but there are plenty of leagues and teams out there looking for a good shot!

“She turned her can’ts into cans, and her dreams in plans.” What I’ve learned, which I wish I had known at ten, and sixteen, and twenty, and twenty-two was that the most important thing in life is to have dreams. They may not bubble to the surface in the exact way you thought, but the more you learn about life, the more ways you find to make them work. The only person who can do that is you, so never let go of your dreams, and never let anyone take them away from you. In whatever form they may come, they are yours, and yours to concur.

Remember When – You Didn’t Worry About THESE Things? July 5, 2014

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Remember when you didn’t think about these things…and now, they’re part of your conscious thought processes? Sorry, twenty-somethings, life is only going to get harder from here on in, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it. First step to enjoyment? Laughter. Grab a glass of wine, and join our club of self-pity and “Oh my gosh! I do that!” moments.
Here are the “Remember When You Didn’t Worry About…”‘s

Remember when you didn’t worry about…
Who to invite? As you get older, you meet more people, some you like, some you don’t, some you used to like and now you don’t. Likewise, the older you get, the more events you encounter – job promotions, engagements, weddings, anniversaries. When you were seven, and it was your birthday, all your cousins and neighbors and classmates came, now, it’s a russian roulette of who you don’t invite. Stacey is a serious gossip and a backstabber, so you don’t want her to be part of your event, but then she’ll be the only person in your office you’re not inviting to your wedding. You haven’t seen Uncle John in nine years, and no one in your family likes him, but your cousin is the one who got you you’re new job, so, now you’re just going to spend the entire party worry about him not insulting one of your friends. Worst of all…the events that you get invited to. “Did they invite me because they want me to come, or because it was the right thing to do? Do I want to go? And if I don’t, is that rude? Should I feel bad? If I go, how much money will this cost me? Will I know anyone there?”…so many questions. What happened to the simplicity of Chuck E Cheese?

Your weight. AND stamina…AND skin…AND complexion…AND heartburn? So gross! When we were sixteen, and nineteen, and twenty-one, we could stay up all night doing shots, wake up the next morning at nine, pop a Gatorade and some doughnuts and be in class or at work, looking, more or less, normal. Now, two glasses of wine put you out for 24 hours, not eating a solid breakfast puts you at the top of the stairs out of breath, things like “skin care creams” and “anti-aging serums” are now things you are considering buying, and when you see commercials for Prilosec or Tums you wonder “eh, I should pick some up next time I’m buying nail polish remover”. What happened?! You’re only 28 and these are things you’re dealing with. Defeated by age, aren’t we still supposed to be considered young?!

Retirement. Not to say it feels any closer than it did five years ago, but not thinking about it is no longer an option. Your HR department hands you a 401K form, or your father insists you open your Roth IRA next time he’s in town, or your banker starts asking you questions about loans, mortgage plans, and how all these will affect your life after your career. You’re still figuring out how to pay off your student loans without having to live in a an apartment the size of a closet. Thinking about retirement is super depressing when you haven’t even gotten knee-deep in your career, or you’re still figuring out which direction you want to go in…but everyone wants to know what you plan to do for money when you’re 65. “How about, what am I planning to do for money next month?”

1349831763184_6087440….About how old child stars were? When we were kids, we loved seeing Jonathan Taylor Thomas as a strapping teenager, or the kids of Dawson’s Creek growing up, and making movies. Dakota Fanning is twenty. Yup, she is twenty. Have a big gulp of wine…if you didn’t feel old yet, you do now, right? Oh, by the way, JTT is 32. You’re welcome.

Which school district is good? Even though you’re still un-hitched, and you’re years away from having babies, the idea of purchasing a property seems possible in the near future, and makes you feel like you’re moving up in the food chain. So, while you’re checking out different suburbs (and wondering WHY the HELL you’re on Zillow & Google Earth looking at houses) you’re also skimming the net for the best school districts in the area. Sad, but true, even before you have bundles of joy in diapers, you’re thinking about where you’re going to send them to school. Children, taking over the world, one psychotic break at a time.

Taking care of your parents. No matter how young they are, or you are, you worry about what will happen when they need you. Can you afford an emergency plane ticket to go help them? When they move to a new neighborhood, or a new house, will they be lonely? Do they miss you being around? Who are their friends and what are their intentions? Does their boss respect them? Life was a lot easier when they embarrassed you at the mall in front of the “cool kids” and you pretended you didn’t know them. Now you care… a lot.

What time the live music at the bar will start? When you were twenty-one, you were at the front of the crowd, speakers blowing out your ear drums, holding your fourth, or fifth, drink of the night with your arms around total strangers singing songs you’ve never heard before together and secretly imaging the lead singer asking you out. Now, 9pm rolls around,you see the amps and you ask your waitress what time the band will go on so you can be sure to tab out before then. You’ve got a new episode of the Bachelorette waiting for you on your DVR and a group of girls wearing shirts as dresses just walked in. As you walk out, you don’t realize you still have the same shirt/dress in blue stuck at the back of your closet. Oops.

Things like a lazy susan. I bet when you were searching for your first place your list was pretty minimal – working heat, space for a full size bed, a bathroom that doesn’t attract rats, and a kitchen that could pass for something bigger than a hotel room hot plate. Your latest apartment search included something more along the lines of – central air, washer and dryer in unit, storage closet, a kitchen with a window above the sink, a mud room or something that could be used for one, and a lazy susan cabinet. And somehow, these were all non-negotiable. Mr. & Mrs. Picky Pants…or, are we just old and refusing to live in the same building as a frat. Hm, the later.

d383cf36.jpg.505x650_q85Looking, sounding and having opinions just like your parents. The first time you say or do something and realize that is exactly how your mom sounded, or your dad acted and you’re paralyzed by sheer horror at the event. It’s not that it’s actually so awful, it’s more like when you walk into a room where someone in naked, you’re more shocked and confused then you are sure of what just happened.

We used to think that getting older, feeling older, or worrying about being older was something bad, but, to be honest, when you look at twenty-two year olds now, aren’t you relieved you aren’t THAT anymore? Someone once said,”Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.” When you think of it in those terms, all those things listed above are an amazing and comical thing that we are all lucky to have as part of our lives. Getting older is like good wine, the olda’ the betta’!


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