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Sunday Funnies August 29, 2010

Posted by doinglaundryinheels in Humor.
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To my own sheer amazement and amusement I’ve found little wrong with the human race recently. I know! Perhaps its my insane working hours that filter into my social activities that’s causing me to miss all genuine stupidity but really, in all fairness I haven’t had much to write about in the form of cynicism! DLIH is slowly becoming a serious site about cultural growth in our society…eww, if this continues I’m going to start posting pictures of circus monkeys dressed at Cher just to lighten the mood. (I’m only half kidding…). As August rounds out the summer and we start to sulk about the Fall approaching with all its responsibilities I felt that now would be a pretty appropriate time to kill all thought process with humor. I’ve been collecting YouTube videos over the last few weeks, videos that made me laugh, made me cry, made me procrastinate at work as I stared at long task lists in my outlook. I want to pass on the smiles and tears and most of all, the laziness ;)

Don’t work too hard kids:

Indian Pole Gymnastics. The new kind of pole dance!

California Gays..the original California Girls ;)

(And the sister video)…

Nassau (County) State of Mind
*disclaimer: only funny to those from Long Island (Check out the Isles T-shirt!!!)

Stripper Fail…don’t try this at home kids. or ever. (Video is off youtube but follow this link to see it!!! http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/01d6dc4e70/stripper-fail)

AND one for the hockey fans out there! Geno: The Jokster


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