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From Dishes to The Corporate Ladder in 2.5 Seconds August 31, 2010

Posted by doinglaundryinheels in Apartment Life, Life Lessons/Growing Up, Real World.

It’s new theory time. This one I’ve been mulling over for a while now. I think you can learn a lot about the way a person lives their life by how they do their dishes.
I’ve lived with several people and families overtime and when doing dishes I’ve always noticed that the way they stack their dishes is, probably, too opposite of mine in someway. Some were just amusing while other’s irked me to the point where I wanted to disassembled the dish rack and put them back in. Mine generally, looks something like a perfectly placed puzzle. To me doing dishes is a process, it’s relaxing, it’s not something I look forward to but not something I hate doing either. It’s very reminiscent of my day, doing “chores” that may not be the most pleasant experience but hey, it’s all in a days work. I always try to organize the rack as compact as possible, filling little holes with little objects, putting big plates next to big plates, mugs next to mugs. When I walk into a kitchen and see a big plate tipping over into Tupperware which is sitting on top of a glass and there’s a big blank hole next to it that’s taken by a single spoon…I freak out. I am by no means an OCD neat freak (…somewhere my mother’s is laughing at the sheer idea of that.) but I live in organized chaos. Chaos and spontaneity are fun when everything else is in its place. Once all the boxes are labeled and put into their cubbies you’ve got plenty of room to dance, see the concept???
I once lived with a dear old couple who, for the life of them, could not agree on silverware. She wanted to place all the silverware facing down so that no one was breathing on the spoons and forks they’d later be putting in their mouth. He, on the other hand, insisted on putting them upright complaining that the bottom of the drying tray was filled with old water residue. Seeing both, very valid points, I’d adjust my dishwashing methods to whoever was home at the time or would be home first. Here’s where you stop reading because I’m analyzing silverware and comparing it to why God made giraffes, I personally love giraffes but this has nothing to do with that. I’m just saying your dish rack reflects your life or how you’d like it to be.
My parent’s can tell you countless stories of “Sofia…how long is that dirty plate going to sit on the counter? hm?” but growing older I’ve found myself become more and more…dare I say it…an adult! It’s as if what I want and where I’m going directly affect my household. I walked into my apartment the other day, took one look at the kitchen and went to town with Clorox wipes, 409 and re-organizing the cabinets to better accommodate my decorative Eeyore, Ikea and Yankee’s mugs. If that doesn’t say adolescent to mother of 3 in 2.5 seconds than I don’t know what will.
I think we’ve all got our quirks about our lives; there are people who are OCD like no other and some who can leave a flip-flop in the middle of the living room and not even blink. How you stack things, put things away, file things in your closet or drawers is how you want your life to be, not necessarily how it is. I’ll throw my sweater on the chair and let it live there for a week or keep paper clips, gum wrappers, dead pens in the bottom of my handbag but let me tell you friends, when it’s clean-up time Mary Poppins freakin pops out of my body and into the room. It’s a spik n’span, dosey-doe, heel clicking adventure and once everything is in its proper nook it’s staying that way for a while!
Maybe I’ve got waaay to much time on my brain (cause trust me, time is NOT on my hands) to analyze and actually write about these things but the human brain never ceases to amaze me. How we do what we don’t realize we’re doing is baffling and thrilling all at once! And believe you me…you’re gonna notice every dish rack you pass until the end of time now, mwwahaha. My evil plan to take over your kitchen one step at a time is working ;)

Happy rinsing!


1. Pascal - August 31, 2010


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