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Spend the Weekend with DLIH: Labor Day Edition September 2, 2011

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It’s Friday, time to kick up our skirts and leave those briefcases to collect some weekend dust! What’s hot in heels this weekend? Follow the cool treasure map of DLIH suggestions below for a weekend Doing Laundry in Heels style! (You might just spot SK in the flesh if you’re lucky!)

Labor Day Weekend

Labor day weekend is filled with barbeques, beachy days and the last goodbye kisses to summer, but for many these small forms of enjoyment aren’t an option this year. As America watched on TV or outside of their windows, Hurricane Irene ripped through our East Coast last weekend taking people’s homes, belongings, and beloved memories with it. For many of us, it was nothing more than a bad storm, but others were not as fortunate, let me introduce you to a friend of mine:

This hockey fan and her beleoved pup were able to take just a few things with them as they evacuated for Irene, only to later learn the river right next to their┬áhouse swept through their home. It’s difficult to imagine someone losing so much when, for many of us, it didn’t even feel like a hurriance passed through.

This weekend, while you’re preping your grills and busting out the bottles, take a minute to give $5 to help her out. In the hockey fan world, we call this a TweetUp. A time when fans, who have social networking connections, come together to watch games, drink beers and, sometimes raise money for charity. This time around we’re raising money for one of our own, so instead of taking over a bar we’re taking over the world wide web, asking our friends and relatives to dontate whatever they can.

To help out, and for more info PLEASE follow this link where you can read the full story, written by Dani, who I can personally vouch for, and donate.

We appreciate any help, there are no small donations! Spread the word and have a safe Labor Day weekend.

…and always remember, it’s not what you do (this weekend), it’s how you do it! Keep it classy!

Have an event coming up you’d like to see on Spend the Weekend with DLIH! Email sofia@doinglaundryinheels.com with details.


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