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Holidays Not-So 101: Thanksgiving 101 November 27, 2011

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Last year, DLIH introduced Holidays Not-So 101, a line of articles strictly devoted to surviving enjoying the holidays alone or orphaned. As the holiday season of 2011 beings, we’re here again to hold your hands and offer the tid-bits of advice that will make your festive season a little different but, by no means, bland.

Thanksgiving is strictly the American holiday of food and family and while food could potentially be plentiful family may not always be. Here are some sure-fire ways to celebrate without feeling the weight of lost tradition on your shoulders.

Have Thanksgiving, just not on a Thursday – Thanksgiving is about being around loved one and eating turkey with all it’s delights, we may celebrate it the third Thursday of November but it’s not set in stone that you can’t celebrate it anytime! If plane tickets seem to be too much that week, ask your family if you can postpone the holiday, together, so you can save some dough on airfare. If you’re not traveling this year, see if a core group of friends would like to do Thanksgiving Part II the weekend after so they can both see their families and still include you in the fun! Often times significant other’s families, friends or co-workers will adopted the orphaned, ask around!

Do the thing you hate the most – maybe you can’t stand vacuuming, organizing your closet, or cleaning the tub (SK’s personal vice), what better time to get it out of the way! If you’re stuck at home alone on a holiday it can be depressing and lonesome, focus your energies on productive things that you know you wont otherwise do when you’re content or busy. In the end, you’ll feel accomplished, even if the task itself feels annoying and gross.

Reward being alone! – SPA DAY! Even if all the spas and salons are closed, it doesn’t mean you can’t entertain yourself at home. Take a bubble bath and paint your nails. Guys, catch-up on grooming, do something you can’t always do with others around. This is also a great time to read, work on fantasy teams, get that Wii out and bust a move or sing. Some things are just better done in the comforts of no one else.

Your personal movie theater – whether it’s Netflix or the marathon of shows and movies that play on the holidays, allow yourself comfy couch time! Relax! Order in too, no need to cook up a storm if you’re alone. Holidays can be tricky with takeout depending on where you live, usually Mexican, Indian and some Chinese are always around and most chain pizza places will still deliver. Try Yelp, Seamlessweb or GrubHub to see what’s open near you!

Lastly, get in the spirit! – Being alone on the holidays doesn’t mean you have to scrub them all together! Start decorating your apartment, get online and make some personalized holiday cards, start getting those Christmas carols on your i-pod! Black Friday starts at midnight, a perfect time to get some early holiday gifts at percentages off or even cross off some of those “Need to buy” items and save some cash. You’re allowed to be sad and missing your friends or family but you are also allowed to enjoy yourself, whatever that may mean to you.

Check back throughout the season for more coping and celebrating at DLIH! Use Holidays Not-So 101 on the drop down for more of last years adventures!


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