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SK Fashion Post: It’s the Holidays! December 19, 2011

Posted by doinglaundryinheels in Fashion/Clothes, Holidays, Holidays Not-So 101, Men, Shopping, Women.

Is this your holiday season?

We’ll it’s about time we put some holiday cheer in your step starting from head to toe! It’s a Holidays Not-So 101 and SK Fashion Post mash-up! Keep in mind that the tips and ideas offered here are just that, tips and ideas, make your outfits your own by mixing and matching or adding your own personal touches. There’s no wrong way to dress…but there is a way that’s going to make you look like you could melt a snowman.

Holiday Cocktail parties can be the hardest to dress for, it’s freezing out so stockings are a must. Always find something festive, that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to have Rudolph’s self portrayed plastered across the front. Holidays are about magic, the slightest bit of pizzazz can make the difference. Ladies, use sequins, lots of silver or gold or holiday colors to accessorize your outfits, if it reminds you of a Christmas tree in one of those fancy catalogs, it’s a go! (Not to be confused with over the top popcorn strung tree, please, no popcorn necklaces!). Try to add some shimmer to your make-up whether that be bronze, gold, silver or even some misty blue, if it looks like jiggle bells or fluffy snow, it’s a solid choice for this holiday season. Since accessories and accents may make up the better part of your outfit’s attention, be sure to keep the rest simple. Dark jeans or black pants with a fun, sparkly or festive shirt on top are a great option for less formal parties or those who aren’t dressy-dress girls.

Men this is where you get lucky! (No, not like that!) The holidays are the one time of the year where almost anything goes! Naturally, most formal events will require a suit but don’t be afraid to bust out that dancing Santa tie! For a softer, more serious look, you can layer a white shirt under a nice colored woven. Stay away from anything to light or bright like pinks, light blues, bright reds or oranges. They make you appear like you have no idea what month we’re in. Burgundys, navys and darker green shirts look great this time of year! For something more casual or fun, reverse it! Wear a red or green T and put a white button down over it or mix it up with a nice cardigan or sweater. If you’re feeling super festive deck the halls with a fancy vest, blazer or even, if you’re feeling all that holiday cheer, a bow-tie! You really can’t go wrong, I mean look at what Santa wears, it’s hardly high fashion and chicks still dig him!

Questions, Comments, Color Concerns? Email me! sofia@doinglaundryinheels.com

***SK has no formal education in fashion, nor does she desire one. Simply a good eye, creative taste and two years experience in men’s retail.


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