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What is that Twenty-Somethings Really Want?! May 22, 2015

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This article really resonated with me, and everything I have felt at one point or another. Take a read, and remember that you’re not the only one out there who wants the simply things – like a couch that’s not from Ikea (that you probably failed to put together…twice). 

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 10.59.43 AM

Work has been crazy over in DLIH land! But I promise, new posts, insightful articles, and more randomness coming very, very soon!!!

Simply Your Life! May 8, 2015

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10 ways to simply your life! An amazing story that can motivate, educate and inspire us all to tone down our lives and enjoy them so much more!


Read this great article over at Relevant Magazine now! It’ll change your views on your own life, for sure!


Stop Thinking Like a 30-Something, Start Thinking For Yourself! May 4, 2015

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If you have’t noticed yet, I re-post a lot of Elite Daily articles. It’s a site I really admire because they have a lot of great things to say, especially to twenty-somethings. Most recently, I found this article on how those in their 20’s need to stop thinking like those in their 30’s. While I was reading it, I found myself disagreeing with many of the points that were made. I like reading different people’s views or opinions on life, most of all, how their experiences have shaped them, and I do think that there are always beneficial moments to take from everything you read. However, when we are encouraging or supporting those who are coming up after us, I think it’s very important to reinforce positive information for all types of people and all sorts of girls. We come from different backgrounds, upbringings and cultures, so there cannot be an end all be all of how to live your life, or grown-up or shape your future. So, here is my own version of Why 20-Something Women Need To Stop Thinking Like 30-Something Women (but instead, think for themselves!) –

We have all totally been “that girl”. That girl who had two too many glasses of Pinot and starts off on her pity party about never falling in love, having a baby too late in life, never making it in her career, “I just don’t get what’s wrong with me! How is Lindsay Lohan, who’s a total mess, famous and buying houses and cars while I’m an educated, smart, caring girl and I can’t even get a full-time job, or a boyfriend, or a nice apartment?!” I know I’ve been that girl. It’s senseless to worry about things you can’t control, so if you don’t have a boyfriend, go out and make great girlfriends. If you can’t afford your own place, make your room in the apartment you share with three people the best, sickest, coolest room ever! So what if you don’t have your dream job at 24, would you rather be 50 and have a job you’ve hated forever? Take your time to find what you love and what loves you back. So, in a sense of living your life and enjoying your twenties, I agree with the article. However, I don’t think we should diminish what our twenties teach us, and I don’t think we should keep our eye off the prize.

In the post, the author discusses looking back on your middle school and high school years. It’s true, I look back at my 16-year-old self and have a good giggle. I thought I knew everything about the world, I knew nothing. I do not feel this way about my early twenties. Sure, I’m not 30 or 40 or 50, but that shouldn’t matter. I do not want to discredit how much I’ve learned in my twenties, how much I grew, all the mistakes, fights, tears, horrible situations that shaped me, that made me strong. No, I do not look back on my 22-year-old self and giggle, I feel proud. I feel proud like a mother is proud of her child graduating college. I see a complete transformation throughout my twenties, I see myself fighting for things – for my career, for that apartment, for that relationship I never should have fought for. Your twenties are the best because they teach you so much about who you are, who you want to be, who you want or don’t want in your life. If anything, you come out of it refreshed, renewed and knowing that you still know nothing about the world and that’s not only okay, it’s great. It gives you a sense of open-mindedness you didn’t have when you were 14. That’s the difference. Your twenties are not to “live life on top of the bar” nor are they to be an ignorant baby, they are to learn everything! I want to encourage youth and new adults to just grasp life with both hands because the world is a huge place and if you’re ever going to get to know it, it’s in your twenties, big bad oopsies and all!

The article then concludes with when you should or should not worry about things, or if to worry about them at all. Do I think you should spend your 25th year of life hunting down your husband, absolutely not. However, not everyone wants to be a 35-year-old mom, the same way not everyone wants to be a 25-year-old mom. Some people want a lavish and blossoming career, some women want to be homemakers, some girls still don’t know what they want. Your twenties DO NOT need to be for one night stands, they can be if you want, but they can also be about finding good relationships, healthy relationships and yes, maybe even your husband. I met my to-be husband when I was 23. That doesn’t mean I was “searching” or concerned with having someone love me before I loved me, nor does it mean we got married after a year, we are still not married. What I’m saying is that different things work for different people, don’t stick yourself to a timeline but also don’t forget about it if that’s something that incredibly important to you and your life. Same goes for getting that dream job, or making money, or being around children, even if you don’t want to have them yet. Keep your eye on the prize, be open to changes and new “prizes”. If you aren’t the kind of person that wants to get black out drink in your twenties, you don’t have to but don’t put yourself into a box either.

Finally, when it comes to success we like to define that in terms of money, stability, jobs. These are all things that makes us feel like we did something right in life, but don’t confuse money with happiness. What I encourage is to find success in terms of what it means to you. For many people, making 6 figures doesn’t actually equate to being satisfied with their life. For many, working 45 hours a week is taking away from your spin class, your volunteering at a homeless shelter, your time with your family, things that make you you, things that makes you a happy human being. Find out what success means to you, and then go after that. You will reap the rewards, maybe today, maybe next year, or yes, maybe in your thirties. Do things that are worth it, and do things that aren’t worth it too, because maybe they’ll teach you something you didn’t know before.

This is What They Meant When They Said “Old” April 24, 2015

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“So, have you heard of them? They’re kids, so be patient with them if they seem a little over excited.” I said, as I instructed a group of teenage boys.
“Oh, okay…well, we’re basically kids too.” The sweeter one of the group said, with a smile.
Is it wrong I had no idea how to respond? Some strange mix of vowels and consonants worked it’s way up into my throat, but I didn’t dare let them out because I could already tell it would be something strange and non-translatable, a weird noise really. Instead, I swallowed them back down and responded, “Haha, yes, but they are kids, like, little kids, like elementary school.”
The two seventeen year-olds blinked. Cute.

I don’t claim to be old and wise, nor do I claim to be “old” to sound cool or make those decades older than me feel ancient, I say it, because I finally feel it. Surprise, it has arrived! The last job description I looked at had the phrase “preferably ages between 18-25, or those with a younger appearance.” I almost threw-up, everywhere. I remember when I used to read those and laugh, laugh at how A. Young I’ve always looked for my age, B. How funny that statement was and C. How old 25 for that position seemed. When you’re in my line of work, age does matter (I also just made myself sound like a stripper, fantastic). I read that and almost hit “apply” until I realized I had aged out. It’s not growing older that bothers me, in fact, I am secretly already planning 30th and 40th birthday parties, it’s the fact that I haven’t realized I’ve aged out. To those seventeen year-old boys, I was some very attractive LADY, a LADY. I’m not even a college girl, I’m a grown-up. ew.

1341455134458_6184984My name is SK, and I have no idea how to use Instagram. There, I’ve said it. My friends have to show it to me and even then, I don’t understand. The thing is, I stopped the whole “new fancy website” thing after Twitter, I blinked and suddenly people were also pinning, gramming, tindering, are those things? I feel like that old lady in the commercials physically “posting” photos on her actual living room wall. The other day I had to google something about LinkedIn.

However, the real moment I felt actually, physically sick to my stomach was about three weeks ago during an episode of a TV show I watch every week. In the scene, a superior asked her employee, “What year were you born”, the subordinate replied, “1988.” So, it took a moment, but I soon realized this character on TV, who seems so mature, and established, and smart, and experienced, and sexual, was younger than me. Shut. Up. I have no idea how old I actually am, I watch this show every week and every single character in it is fascinating to me, like something I should strive to achieve, then BOOM! I am not only the same age as most of them, but probably older. The only thing I could do was sigh, very, very deeply.

The truth? All these little moments just fall into one big bag of relief! It’s really hard to realize that you are “aging out”, that you are perhaps one of the few people you know not yet married, or having babies, or are viewed as mature. On the flip side, it’s also like you finally got into the club with the huge bouncer in front, the velvet rope, and the very mysterious dark red door. There is no line, because it’s guest list only, and you’re only at the coat check! I feel like I’m finally in that group of people that isn’t looked at as a baby anymore, I also feel like I’ve gained enough points to be able to combat people who do accuse me of being inexperienced. I don’t know how to play video games, but if I did, I’d put some kick-punch-get-the-bag-of-gold analogy here! I know that there are 50 year olds out there reading this and laugh their socks off, and I’m okay with that, because that’s not the club I’m trying to get into yet. I like being in a room of high school students and them looking at me like I’m “old”, I’ve waited a long time to not be the baby, and I like that I can say the words “My good friend’s husband.” and not feel strange or weird about it. They say that your twenties are still super young, and I’m going to take all the advantageous of that, but I’m also going to pull my “old” card every change I get, just because I can, finally.

My Mom Told Me One Day I’d like Yoga April 15, 2015

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yoga“Yoga comes with age. You’ll understand when you’re older”, she told me. I find yoga exhausting, they expect you to put your body in upside down, backwards positions, while channeling your inner Gandhi and then tell you to “just breathe”. An instructor once asked me, “Do you feel how your core is spiraling upwards with every breath?”, I looked over at my mom, she looked like a sleeping kitten in her “corkscrew prayer”. I am sure the question was rhetorical, so naturally, I answered “All I feel is pain?”. At the time, everyone laughed, but in all honesty, does anything but wisdom actually come with age? Yes.

The list of things my mother told me, that actually came true:

“One day, you will understand how to just sit and be”
I recently returned from my third trip to London. The first words out of my mouth were “I understand tea now.” I spent the majority of my time alone, sitting, with a pot of tea, and a little cup and saucer, watching other people, thinking about my life. I did not read, I did not play with my phone, I did not search for something to do, and I didn’t hate it. Other people didn’t bother me, they just were; My silence didn’t bother me, I just was. I now own my own tea pot (courtesy of a lovely boyfriend), and I have tea time almost daily, with no one but myself, for no one but myself.
When you are younger, you are doing everything to get somewhere – physically and metaphorically. You are running from job to job, store to store, and when you’re not running, you’re trying to figure out how to get another job, another paycheck, another date. There is little stillness in your early twenties. A big step in my adulthood, that I had long looked forward to was buying my own car. I now know you can drive to drive, and not to get somewhere. That doesn’t mean you are aimlessly driving around the neighborhood, it means that while you are on your way to the grocery store, you just drive – there is no reason to get there earlier, there is no reason not to be late. You can’t control road traffic, or train malfunctions, or your alarm clock breaking, so you just accept what you can’t change, and drive, and eventually you will get were you are going.

“Stop crying!”
I cry a lot. I cry a lot in just about every area of life except work. Unless my mommy is there, then I cry all the time. So when I was a teenager she would often look at me and yell “Stop crying!”. I thought it was because the act was annoying, loud, obnoxious, a pathetic attempt at getting my way, or simply happened so often the sincerity of it was totally false. I’m sure it was all of those things, but on a deeper level, it was a piece of guidance. We are human, and it’s healthy to have emotions, but you can’t just let them pour out of you like an overflowing bathtub. There is a time and a place to do those things, and at work, on the street, in a store, out to dinner, when you have company over, when you are cooking, are not those times. Learn to keep it in, and learn to let it out. Today, there are many times I want to start crying, like when I am accused of saying something I never said, or when my flight at the airport has been delayed for the third time, I can come very close to it, but I don’t, because I know that I can’t let myself fall apart right then.

“If you want food, pick up the phone and order it yourself”.
I have always hated ordering food. I don’t know why, I am not scared of making an appointment to get my haircut, but I am scared of calling to order food. When I was a teenager, if I wanted takeout, I had to order it for the whole family (you can imagine GrubHub is my heaven-sent). I never understood why, it wasn’t really fair. Over ten years later, I still hate calling to order food, but I do it, you know why? Because if I want food, I have to pick up the phone and order it. Mental tattoo. Perhaps I will always hate ordering food, but maybe if I was never forced to do it I would also be scared of calling to ask a question, or to book an appointment, or to ask for a status update. Maybe calling to order food is one step in the right direction of a million other things.

“You have to build your life without relaying on a man”
This was never hard for me, because I was used to fighting for myself. I never stopped fighting, just the things I had to fight for became harder to get as I got older. They say women need to make things happen without depending on a man, I say, you need to make things happen without depending on anyone. Do to an unfortunate series of events, I spent the majority of my early twenties relying on no one but me, having to take care of myself in every way. I paid my own bills, found my own apartments, learned to do things on my own – like taxes and buying insurance, and putting myself through school. This allowed, not just a man but, the right man to slip into place. It was clear from the start that I was my own person, with my own life, if you couldn’t handle that – man, women, friend, foe, then we weren’t a match. I love people in my life, I need them for emotional and physical support, but if I had to do it alone, I know I could. It has nothing to do with “a man”, it has to do with being able to do things on your own, and learning to be okay with it.

“Learn to control your reactions! Keep making that face, one day it will get stuck that way.”
My face still hasn’t gotten stuck “that way”, but there are scars in my past to prove that mama was right. If sixteen year olds were an i-phone, and attitude was an app, it would come pre-loaded. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t just get deleted when you turn twenty-one, and no one gives you a pass for being “young and stupid” anymore. I am more than positive that I lost many a job and created many an enemy with all the faces I once made. Shine them with a smile! = get every gig you ever wanted. In the words of, most recently, myself, “at work, I am a colorful butterfly who walks around spraying magically glitter on everyone!” Glitter. Not attitude, glitter.

“Follow your intuition”
If you keep trying and trying and trying to make something work, and you encounter every obstacle in its way, life is telling you, it’s not supposed to happen.
A dark alley that makes you feel comfortable will be safer than a well-lit street that makes your stomach turn backwards.

“Blood doesn’t make you family.”
Marriage does…just kidding! Some people are fortunate to have wonderful, large, carrying families. Many of us, myself included, have built their family for odds and ends, a button here, a glued piece of paper there. People from different backgrounds, different places, with different traditions and various views. I have the best family, because they love me and they support me, not because we share a gene pool. This is the number one reason I am where I am today, because even when I was alone, I was never alone.

I still hate yoga. I don’t know if I will ever like yoga, but it’s nice to know that your mom doesn’t wake up every morning of your childhood thinking of things to tell you just so you’ll believe them. I’m sure when I’m a mom, I will concoct lots of stories, simply to amuse myself, and see if my kids actually believe me. I am also sure I will say all the same things, and do all the same things my mother did, because I am a better human now than I was sixteen years ago – and it’s all because of stinkin’ yoga.

Why There’s a Time, a Place, and a How April 11, 2015

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Over the course of my twenties, I’ve made lots of mistakes (some of which, are in this very sentence ;) )! The best thing about doing things wrong, is learning to do them right. Think back to when you were four, and your mom told you not to touch the hot iron, it wasn’t a toy, but the temptation was too much to bear! The second mom left the room, you touched it, just with the tip of your index finger, but it was enough to teach you that there is a reason mom told you stay away. There is a time, a place, and a how for all things.

So, over the years I’ve made a collection of the biggest faux pas, both mine and others, that I’ve seen. There are certain things in life that people just can’t seem to get right, and not only that, but it also seems they occur at more than one occasion, with more than one group of people. Here are the things that have an etiquette, whether you like it or not.

Sending out invites on time – Whether it’s your birthday, a surprise party, your wedding, or a going away shindig, people have lives and the sooner they know about something, the better it will be for everyone involved! Obviously, if it’s a big event, like an anniversary celebration, or your bachelorette party, you’re going to want to do something a little more formal, and since this is such big event, give people the opportunity to make time for you, a month, or even more in advance is probably appropriate. Something a little smaller scale like your birthday may not require a mailed RSVP card, but it’s still nice to give people at least two weeks notice so they can try to make it. A while back I got an invite to a bachelorette party a week before it was happening, I was devastated because I had been looking forward to it, but anticipated it at a later date. What made it worse was that I was on a business trip, something I couldn’t get out of, and something I could have easily rescheduled had I known far in advance. Who won? No one! I didn’t get to go! She didn’t get to see me! And much, much, drinking was missed by both sides. (Friends don’t let friends miss drinks, just sayin’.) If you are sending out invites to an event, another thing to keep in mind is those who may not be getting one. If they aren’t invited, don’t talk about the event in front of them. If they are invited, make sure they get all the details, and make sure they ARE actually invited. There was a once a wedding I was invited to, but never got a save the date, it was clear I got cut from the final guest list, which wouldn’t have been so bad, if I hadn’t already been so honored to be asked to attend initially.

Being you – there are lots of faux pas out there that I find strange. This one is the kind that, frankly, just shows an immaturity no matter what your age. I was speaking with a woman recently who wore a gorgeous ring on her left hang. Throughout the conversation she referred to her “person” as her significant other. Initially, I assumed her partner was a woman, and seeing as this was a business meeting, she didn’t want to bring her sexual preference into it, totally understandable. I later learned that her “significant other” was in fact her husband, who she was still very much in love with. I was not only confused, but made to feel very uncomfortable. There are many people out there who put on a facade by not directly answering questions about themselves and allowing people to simply assume. They say things like “I went to school in Ann Arbor”, if people assume University of Michigan, you let them. Implying that you were once a manager, when you were really a camp counselor. Saying you’re a freelance writer, when in reality you have a mommy blog that only friends and a handful of followers read. There should be no shame in who you are, and when people find out the truth, they’ll only begin to dislike you and a distrust will form. Learn to be comfortable with who you are, only then will others follow suit.

polls_article_0_006C60C500000258_309_468x424_2902_851049_answer_4_xlargeGetting into a fight in public – Everyone gets into little tiffs in front of others, but rarely do you see a full on disagreement where neither party cares who is listening (or standing 5 feet away). What people who are fighting don’t realize is that it makes other people super uncomfortable, especially if you’re waiting in line, or at a reception desk, or in a restaurant, some place you can’t really leave at that moment. No matter how angry you are at that person, shut it down, you’re an adult; bottle it up until you have some privacy and then let your argument back out of its cage. If it doesn’t involve total strangers, then leave them out of it (especially if you’re arguing about something super weird, like how you can’t sleep in a hotel room that has an even number – true story, SK was there.)

Advertising something no one cares about – You know those people who keep bringing something up because they think it’s awesome but no one else actually cares? Here are some real life examples; Your alma mater: think Andrew from the Office; Something you bought: like those girls who always need throw in a designer name, no matter what the purchase item was; Your “status”: I have a friend who also travels for business, she recently got TSA Pre-check, imagine how annoying it is that every Facebook status pre-travel, post-travel and during is about how awesome her Pre-check is; she even takes a photo of every ticket that shows the little logo in the corner. She’s been doing this for four months. The thing to remember is that for some reason, this is important to you and that’s cool and all, but it makes you super annoying to other people.

We’re human so we’ll always make mistakes, and be annoying, and screw up. The important thing to remember is that we shouldn’t keep stumbling over the same crack in the sidewalk. You’ve already discovered that a hot iron is indeed hot, you wouldn’t test the theory again, would you? So even if you forgot to send out an invite, or screamed at your boyfriend in a restaurant, or over-posted on Facebook, make sure to give yourself a good scolding and just don’t do it again.

How to Not Give a F@&K! April 7, 2015

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A phenomenal article about just not giving a flipping *bleep*. Plus, there’s a kitten on the cover. If you’ve ever wanted to master the art of being you, and not caring about what anyone else thinks, take a gander. Behind all the humor and profanity, there is a strong and true message which we can all apply to our lives. Plus, the word burrito is used about four times. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 8.56.24 PM

Huge thanks to Mark Manson for writing it! Follow him on twitter: @iammarkmanson Boom! and read more of his stuff at markmanson.net.

The Long Distance Cocktail April 3, 2015

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Friendships are not a contract. They contain no fancy words, no lines for signatures. There can be no mediation. So, how do you make them work when you have no guarantees and no way to prove that someone isn’t being a good pal…when you’re thousands of miles away?

The way to make a friendship work is kind of like mixing a cocktail; two parts awesome human, one part love, a shot of honesty, five dashes of trust, shake, serve over ice and garnish with a slice of free time. Sometimes, this will come out perfect, but more often than not, you’ll have to play around with the proportions until you get it just right. Even your best friends need adjustments as the drink gets old, and the regulars don’t order it anymore. New friends are always spicy and have a good kick! As they become older friends, they’re like your favorite beer, a go to, but you don’t always want reliability, sometimes you want excitement too! The greatest friends can change together, and apart, and still find a way to make the taste work.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 7.35.06 PMWhen you no longer live near your friends, you lose a huge aspect of what makes you friends – accessibility. There is no more impromptu coffee when you’re having a bad day, or last minute sleep over because you need to have a night out. Anytime you want to see them, you have to plan months in advance, and even just a phone call can take a week or more to schedule. It’s not fair, but it’s also an amazing new aspect to your friendship you can make work.

You eliminated physical closeness, but you’ve added another layer of effort. Like with all relationships, it’s the thought that counts, so if you can both make the effort you will learn to appreciate one another even more. Don’t get resentful when scheduling Skype dates takes a while, or if they don’t answer your text right away. If you live in different time zones, these things are made even more complicated! Send picture texts of yourselves making funny faces, or holding cute signs; e-mail one another funny e-cards or snail mail itty bitty care packages! When I first moved to Chicago, I had a handful of gift cards and punch cards I couldn’t use in my new city, so I sent them back off to New York as a special surprise. An e-mail once a month, or a five minute phone call is sometimes all it takes to let someone know you’re thinking of them, and you want to know what’s going on in their life.

Be courteous. Just like with family, when you see someone often, you can be more lax in your manners, but when it’s a once in a while thing, “Please” and “Thank you” make people know that you appreciate their time, and if it’s the only time you’re seeing them for a while, you’ll definitely appreciate it! If you are able to make your long distance friendship work, you’ll only become stronger. There is a reason that good whiskey takes decades to taste good!

Not every friendship is a long distance friendship, unfortunately. There’s nothing you can do about that. No matter how hard you try, they’ll be those kind of friends who feel that the physical distance makes a difference. Not everyone can juggle phone calls and emails, they think that they can just see you in a year and things will be like normal. The truth is, this is rare. Your best friends are going to want to know the changes and new, exciting things in your life. We all get busy, so find the time to sit down and reply to texts – even if they’re 3 weeks old. If you’re facing a friend who just “Got too busy for you”, try talking to them about it, or just ride out the wave, perhaps they’ll miss you enough to resurface soon.

Whether your night cap is a success, or still needs some tweaking, the secret ingredient is try, try, try. Never give up on your friends because they’ve been MIA for a couple of days, but also remember that a long distance relationship is special, and it’s going to take some adjustment. Soon, you’ll find a creative, unique, and fun approach to making staying in touch easy, and will make the distance seem like a small dust bunny, simply in the way of something great.

Supporting Those Who Come After Us March 30, 2015

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There are a lot of women in this world who will put you down. They will tell you that life will be hard, it will be unfair, and the only way to make it is to fight like hell and not let any man come between you and your destiny. While some of this may be true, there seems to be a trend amongst “older” women to discourage “younger” women, rather than lift them up. I was never given a handout, I was dealt very few favors, but I was lucky in my early twenties to meet some wonderful women who helped guide me.

There was a night I was sitting a restaurant with a good friend of mine. The bill came, she reached for it, and when I offered some money she refused. She said to me, “SK, to me, this is a scratch on the surface, but to you, right now, this is a big junk of change. One day, you will meet a younger girl, who’s just starting out, and you will get her bill. That’s how you can pay me.” I never forgot that. The problem was, for much of my twenties I didn’t feel like the “older”, wiser, more experienced girl. In fact, the only individuals younger than me I felt I had any seniority over where children under the age of 13. Sometimes, I’d look at high schoolers and think “they’ll never take a page out of my book, I’m practically the same age as them!” There was a time I wasn’t even sure I would ever shake that feeling. What I know now, is that time will come.change1

There was no specific moment I looked in the mirror and said “Now, now I feel like a grown-up!” and confetti magically appeared from the sky. When push came to shove, I just was, I just was a grown-up. Whether it’s being put in charge of a group of teenage girls, or sitting at a coffee shop with a 22 year old who just finished college, there is something that comes over you that makes it all click – you do know more about life, you do have more life experience, and you even have more mistakes to show them how not to follow in your footsteps. Guidance and advice don’t always come from being perfect, they can just come from having seen the world, and having been royally $%&!’d by it!

I recently knew a girl who got fired. Had that been me, seven years ago, someone would have told me they were sorry, someone would have told me everything happens as it’s supposed to. You know what I told her? I said to her, “This is good.” “Today, this sucks, but in the long run this is good. It’s good to know failure, it’s good to look back and see your mistakes, it’s good to be able to learn how to pick up the pieces. It’s better you know now than when you’re thirty-two and have more to lose. This opens up possibilities for you, now you’re not stuck at a job you hate, you have an entire world ahead of you and you have time (age) to figure it out, try different things. Sure, getting out of college and getting your dream job is great, and easy, and convenient, but does it really let you experience life?”

If we want to create co-workers we’re proud of, and smart teachers for our children, and role models for our grandchildren, shouldn’t we work harder now to make the generation under us empowered and strong? How will scaring someone out of life, discourage someone from trying make women stronger? I say we take the proverbial bill and pay it all, for all of them, but we make them promise that they will work hard to pay someone else’s bill. If we do that, we might actually look back and be proud of what we created.

10 Things to Do When You’re Stressed March 26, 2015

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Jan. 1st came and we made all these promises to ourselves; “I’ll workout more”, “I’ll eat less”, “I’ll get a solid eight hours of sleep”. Fast forward to March and most of those have gone out the window with the money we’re spending on a gym membership we’re not using. Life happens, and much of the time is also tramples over us like a heard of elephants. Stress is the number one reason to be unhappy and make others around you unhappy, so if you’re feeling totally overwhelmed, here are ten great things to do when you’re stressed out.

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 9.46.32 AM

Remember, mind, body and spirit are all connected so take the time to let yourself have some time, you’ll thank yourself.


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